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How to find your feminine superpower!

This week One 2 One in The Rainbow Warrior women's group.

Hi Everyone, This week's One 2 One scintillating conversation within Rainbow Warrior Women was with brilliant Lisa Jayne from Sydney Australia.

We had a power-filled conversation yesterday!

Lisa is such a strong Female Leader as a taster please read her introduction below.

Lisa Jayne is a tertiary trained Educator, Speaker, and Author, passionate about guiding mothers to their innate transformative powers so they can create a deeply connected and emotionally powerful relationship with their daughters. Lisa teaches 5 vital keys which offer an alternative for Mothers who feel they have lost influence with their 21st daughter, by giving them what they need to raise courageous, loving, and self-empowered girls.

Lisa facilitates online masterclasses, workshops, and retreats for mothers and daughters and offers a 5-week immersive program for mothers to implement the 5 keys into their everyday life for great success. Her formula is also outlined in her book “The Emotionally Powerful Mother”. With 2 daughters, Lisa’s work is both practical and current and teaches emotional skills for life.

Connect with Lisa here.

With love Lisa has kindly sent you a free gift at this link.

Collect Your Free Gift

P.S. Our One 2 One will be uploaded within the Rainbow Warrior Women's group tomorrow morning for your inspiration. My door is always open to new members, you will be greeted with a Cead Mile Failte, "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes."

Much Love Caroline


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