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Flourishbydesign and WarriorTV collaborate.

During the live WarriorTV interview above hosted by Dorota Chioma, I was honoured to be asked by its founder Adam Duval to join his team of International Mental Health Warriors.

The Mental Health Warriors are a volunteer group of international wellness teachers on a mission, 'Putting a stop to the Stigma of Mental Health.'

On Friday, November 5th at 9 pm UK, I am starting a new live show based on Conscious Communication with WarriorTV named, 'Words as Medicine'

The Mental Health Warriors appear on Facebook and the WarriorTV YouTube Channel. The team host conversations to encourage people to talk openly about the challenges of mental health. The Warriors are raising awareness, supporting, and educating the public on how best to overcome these dark days.

Please subscribe to support yourself and the movement!

Warm Regards



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