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How to survive trauma and BE-coming your feminine force

This week we talk with Nadia Ramoutar, Communications and strategy campaign designer and director.

Nadia is a living example of how we ourselves are an artform. In this candid discussion, she shares how one horrific and unexpected event can change the course of a young girls life and how through the trauma, a vision can be born.

Nadia's ted talk on the art of being an artform ( clearly exhibited how her trauma became part of the artwork of her own life, and formed the platform from which she launched a successful career as a visual artist, with a Doctorate Degree in Communications. Nadia is also an experienced filmmaker, author, writer and professional facilitator. She is the Founder of, a diverse creative, and is an Innovative educator, leading workplaces and communities in using digital tools to solve complex problems.

Nadia was born in Dublin, Ireland and recently returned to Ireland after living in America for many years.

You can connect with Nadia via


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