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What is your attachment style?

Sending a huge thank you to Grainne O Kane from Wellbeing Training for our first Live Event in the Rainbow Warrior Women's group. Helping us to answer some fundamental questions;

What is your attachment Style? How does it show up in our day-to-day life?

Grainne O Kane is a Social Scientist, Trainer, Coach, Speaker,

and Podcaster will help us discover our Attachments Styles.

Grainne O'Kane runs Wellbeing Training & WeCare Clinics, emotional and mental health and wellbeing courses, and coaching. Specialist in teen mental health, parental separation, and relationships. Grainne also has a podcast series called

'Divorced or separated parenting'.

Feel free to contact Grainne through:

Listen back by joining us in the Rainbow Warrior Women, our Facebook group focused on Growth and Well-being.

Self-awareness is the key to our empowerment:

Looking Forward to seeing you there.

Warm Wishes



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