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Words as Medicine

Inviting you to enjoy my new podcasts series called 'Words as Medicine', in collaboration with 'The Mental Health Warriors' international volunteers group.


Brian Barnes has a passion for Health and Wellbeing,

Senior General & Mental Health Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mental Health Coach and Mindfulness Teacher,

He partners with people to create Unique Wellbeing Solutions that bring holistic health and happiness. Brian designs and delivers Wellbeing workshops on Mindfulness, Positive Mental Health, Self Care, Wellbeing and Resilience.

Brian hosts a mindyou podcast which


In this episode I had the pleaser of speaking with Adam Duval the founder of The Mental Health Warriors.


Grainne O Kane, Social scientist, Wellbeing educator, separated mum of 5, podcaster, speaker. Wellbeing Training & WeCare Clinics, emotional and mental health and wellbeing courses, and coaching. Specialist in teen mental health, parental separation, and relationships.

Please join me every Friday night at 9pm IRL/UK for The Mental Health Warriors on Facebook and MH WarriorTV on YouTube.

Friday Night Live Show

Words as Medicine

The Fine Art of Communication and the Power of Words.

Warm wishes

Caroline Murphy-Bennis


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