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Evolving Holistic Human Design.

Flourishbydesign is a unique Design
Agency looking at all dimensions of your identity. We support your holistic development bringing Design & Wellness together, giving you a solid foundation to stand upon, a 360 degree evolution. 


Introducing our Wellness Consultants helping you redesign your life from the inside out. Contact them directly through the links provided below.

Supporting your holistic development by integrating your mind, body & spirit.

Caroline Murphy-Bennis's well-being
& design books 
are listed below.

Meet our Wellness
Design Consultants

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Nettie Bowie


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Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy Service for all ages - Adults, Teens & Children. Focusing on the whole person - mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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Delivering Wellbeing Workshops on Employee Wellbeing, Stress Reduction, Mental Resilience, Mental Agility, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy for Positive Mental Health.


Leah Headon


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Haeloonutrition Coaching through the Pillars of Deep Health-Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness Coaching Specialist guiding individuals to help them reach their full potential.

Helping to
Redesign your Life


Grainne O'Kane

Wellbeing Training

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Wellbeing Training & WeCare Clinics, emotional and mental health and wellbeing courses, and coaching. Specialist in teen mental health, parental separation, and relationships.

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Paul Juggins

Mindset Coach

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Mindset Mentor for
High-Level Introverts.
Helping Sensitive Female Leaders Embody Self-Confidence.


Trish B Kennedy

Reiki Master Healer

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A Reiki Master Healer helping align the body, mind, and soul to maintain a positive flow of energy. Providing energy healing workshops.



Well-being & Design Books

by Caroline Murphy-Bennis

Caroline has published three books to date. Her debut book The Rainbow Warrior was released on 30 March 2020. The Rainbow Warrior is a children’s mindfulness and empowerment book. It connects children back to their imagination and nature. It also teaches them to overcome fear through their breath.


On 19 January, 2021 Caroline released
her first poetry & photography book,

Declare a Republic, A Free State of Mind.

A collection based on Celtic spirituality coupled with Irish landscape photography co-created with the Irish public over the lockdown 2020.

Most recently, Caroline released 

The Rainbow Warrior Wonder Journal 
26 Mar 2021. A design activity journal
to inspire the next generation of creatives
by plugging children into the intelligence
of nature. 


Please click here for a listing

of her three books available internationally.

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