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Are you struggling to develop a Personal Brand Identity TRUE to YOU?

I'm here to the rescue!!

The 4 Pillars to start thinking about are:

Values, Vision, Voice, Visuals.

Surprisingly the Visual Identity is the last on the list, as Brand Identities Visuals are designed to represent your core principles of Values, Vision and Voice.

By Definition: Logos - The Greek word logos (traditionally meaning word, thought, principle, or speech) has been used among both philosophers and theologians.


Conscious Branding is about Simply Representing YOU in your TRUTH so that your clients, customers and staff can connect with you authentically.

You can feel confident in KNOWING your personal PURPOSE, DIRECTION and TARGET and can masterfully COMMUNICATE your MISSION to the WORLD.


Because these are the traits of a GREAT LEADER.

No one will follow somebody who doesn't know where they are going, am I RIGHT?

So It takes Stage 1. RETREAT.

Stillness and contemplation to get clear on WHO YOU ARE.

But there's no time like the present!

I hope this helps to get you started on that JOURNEY.

Love Caroline


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