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Purpose & Passion Fusion

The Masculine and Feminie Dance

Wild man, Darvis Walker, is unapologetic when he describes the power of healthy masculinity and how important it is in disarming a woman's conditioned masculinity to bring forth her divine feminine.

Is there a right place for the masculine and feminine energies in relationships and if there is, what difference does it make? Does this unlock a new level of sensuality and connection?

Join us and feel the conversation with us as we walk the less-trodden path to our true natures.


Darvis Walker has dedicated himself to reconnecting the world with the transformative power of wild nature. For his entire adult life, Darvis has guided his community into the Tarkine, a 450,000 hectare ancient landscape in Tasmania’s north west. Over 22 years, he’s lead hundreds of week-long expeditions that guide people to this wild place. During this time, his life purpose has crystallised: To be a bridge between nature and culture.

Paralleling his life as a Wilderness Guide, Darvis has deeply immersed himself in men’s work. Today, Darvis and his partner Brittany Jane run NatureCulture, an enterprise dedicated to co-creating a nature-centred paradigm. NatureCulture is a combination of men’s journeys, women’s journeys and an annual mixed gender program called The Conversation. The organisation is also working on village-style programs that welcome young people and families to reconnect with nature and thrive as a community.

Darvis guides men into wild places, where the ally of nature can deeply support their journey into purpose. Each year, Darvis takes a small group of men into the forest for a 10 day retreat over New Years and also leads a six month rite of passage program called The Leap; a wild pilgrimage into purpose for men.

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