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We carry the seed of our true potential within us.

I always say that we carry the seed of our true potential within us.

But It is truly astonishing to me when we get physical proof that the seed we are to become reveals itself to us.

30 years ago when I was just 18 years old and was in my 1st year of art college studying Visual Communication in WIT my cousin Richard Browne was engaged to be married to a beautiful young woman who I loved Geraldine Browne. I was fascinated by their romance and was excited to be invited to their Wedding.

I felt frustrated because I was broke with not a penny to my name, a starving art student!

I wanted to give them a very special gift!

What could I do? It wasn't a time when my parents could just step in and solve the problem, it was 1992 Ireland!

So I thought I would paint them a picture. I spend hours painting this rose and got it framed.

It was innocent, honest, pure, and true to me.

I found a creative way to express my love for them both and to wish them a beautiful marriage together.

I was so moved when Geraldine Browne told me recently after the passing of my aunt Patricia Browne that they still had the painting hanging on their wall.

I was so touched that they had both valued it so much to have held onto it over their 30 year long marriage. I am still in awe of their romance as they are still as happy today as they were back then, always smiling and laughing together like newly weds, congratulations.

Yesterday Geraldine sent me a picture of the painting below. I was so surprised to see how the rose and the rosebud. I cannot believe that I now use the rose as a symbol in my teachings and as the symbol for Flourishbydesign.

It has taken my whole life for that seed to blossom into itself.

Life is full of wonder when we take the time to look more closely.


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