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2021 is nearly wrapped!

We have all been faced with huge challenges this year, but with great challenges also come great possibilities.

In May this year, I created a whole new design agency founded on my passion for Conscious Branding after 25 years of designing for global brands. Since then I have enjoyed making many new connections all over the globe.

One of the greatest problems clients have reported is feeling unseen online. Brands that just haven't had a strong enough presence online.

As everyone flooded online and tried their very best with the DIY design apps, they struggled. The truth is that branding is a fine art, holding fantastic power to elevate your business to new heights when done professionally.

This is why I have created a new 30-day package called 'True to You'.

Over 30 days I will work with you to develop a unique brand that expresses your business truly all over your social media platform.

After 30 days of design and mentoring you will have a strong brand presence and suite of social media templates giving you the freedom to enjoy managing yourself. Coupled with a newly confident voice online that is True to You.

Please see the details below. If you are interested in getting 2022 off to a fresh start connect by phone or book a virtual coffee with me or simply

The most important person to invest is You.

Details listed below.

True to You Package €500

Stage One: Identity • 40mins zoom meeting • 5 Logo options • Tagline creation • Brand imagery • Development of chosen design with the client

Stage Two: Development • 40mins zoom meeting • Development of chosen design with the client.

Supply of Design Pack Supply of client Master Design Pack to client • Logo Suite • Fonts • Brand imagery • Facebook • Instagram

Book a free Virtual Coffee to get started.

Merry Christmas

Service with a smile

Caroline Murphy-Bennis


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