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It's Launch Day!

I'm so thrilled to present to you a brand new cutting-edge Conscious Design Educational Program.

Flourishbydesign has partnered with a leading-edge thinker in Emotional Education Lisa Jayne an author from Sydney, Australia.

Together we have designed a leading-edge program in transformational education. A precise program that specifically dives deep into the emotional world.

We have named it Diamond Mother Ring. Illuminating the Core of the Feminine Force.

To introduce you to this new frontier of 'Conscious Mothering' we are gifting you all a Free Webinar Series.

Please attend and invite your friends & family if you are feeling the intense pressure of 21st-century culture on your teen or pre-teen daughter? There must be a better way to raise an emotionally stable, confident, and empowered young woman ... and goodness knows you've tried to find it, right?

We did exactly that for years and discovered the secret is in the illumination of your feminine force. We have been laboring hard for the last few months, to lay out a diamond design for a new era in mothering, because as mothers, we have felt powerless and overwhelmed by what comes with trying hard and getting... not very far. We are passionate about guiding other Mums to their inner Diamond and know that's exactly what their daughters need too!

Join us to birth a new era: Diamond Mother Ring.

Webinar 1 - Addressing the challenges of the 21st Century Mum Webinar 2 - The Diamond in the Rough Webinar 3 - Your Unique Diamond Design

Webinars will run for 3 consecutive weeks at the same time each week 1 - Thurs, 3 Feb 8pm (UK) 3pm (EST), Fri 4

Feb, 7am (AEDT) 2 - Thurs, 10 Feb 8pm (GMT), 3pm (EST), Fri 4 Feb, 7am (AEDT) 3 - Thurs, 17 Feb 8pm (GMT), 3pm (EST), Fri 4 Feb, 7am (AEDT) REGISTER NOW and find more info

For more on us: Caroline Murphy-Bennis: Lisa Jayne:

We would also love to have your company on our weekly YouTube Lives chats called the Diamond Duo, simply subscribe for a reminder! See you there.

Love Caroline Murphy-Bennis Founder


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