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Ladies do you feel cherished in your workplace?

The heart is like a rose.

It's full of beauty and strength in equal measure but it is also very sensitive to its environment.

When the sun is shining and it gets enough water it can bloom into its fullest form, if not it withers.

When we feel cherished and valued in our workplace we truly blossom and this has a huge effect on our families.

Have you ever questioned how aligned you are with the ethics of the company you work for?

Could that be affecting your happiness?

Times are changing and employees want to feel that their jobs have purpose and meaning it's not all about the money anymore.

Many people have chosen to stay working from home after covid. Why is that?

It is more important than ever to define your 'Personal Brand Identity' i.e. to become aware of your values and how people perceive you.

When we become clear about the principles and values by which we live our life we can more easily align ourselves with organizations that match.

Each workplace has an impact on the world and is either enriching and protecting the future for the next generation or not.

When we find a match 'Personal Brand Identity' with the brand ethos of our workplace we flourish just like the rose we bud, blossom, and flourish into our full potential.

Always listen to the heart and make sure you work in the right environment for you to grow.

It's time to... Flourishbydesign Caroline


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