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Live One 2 One with Kim Dunlop from Sydney, Australia!

Welcoming a new member to our Rainbow Warrior Women’s Group

Flourishbydesign Community

Rainbow Warrior Women’s Facebook Group:

This mornings One 2 One was Live from Austraila with Kim Dunlop.

I really enjoyed chatting with Kim within the Rainbow Warrior Women’s group. So many rich insights and an amazing story. As a taster please read her introduction below:

Kim is a property advisor, project coach, and developmental leadership expert, KD Property Advisory. KD Property Advisory offers property advisory, leadership, mentoring and coaching programs focused on developing people to achieving their personal and professional goals.

Kim also runs a Dating Doctor business.

You are always welcoming new members from all over the world to our mutually supportive space. All our One 2 Ones can be watched back within the group the link is below:


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